Kinzua Quick Trail Finder

Morrison Trail, 13 miles east of Warren
PA on Route 6 (Kinzua Road)

Buckaloons Interpretive Trail At US Route 6
and Route 62.

Hearts Content Cross Coutry Ski Trail/
Interpretive Trail - located off TR 2002, in the
Hearts Content Recreation Area.

Hickory Creek Trail located off TR 2002 in the
Hearts Content Recreation Area
The Rimrock Morrison Trail   Reservoir Area,
SR 59 east of Warren.

North Country National Scenic Trail Traverses
entire Forest.

Old Powerhouse Reservoir Area on SR 321
South of SR 59.

Tionesta Scenic Area signs direct you off US
Rt 6 in Ludlow, West of Kane.

Tracy Ridge Reservoir Area located off SR 321
North of SR 59 (includes Johnnycake trail)

Beaver Meadows Recreation Area
Cornplanter Stairs in the Allegheny National Forest
Backpacking and hiking haven Rimrock is
on Route 59 about a mile east of the Kinzua
Marina at the Allegheny Reservoir. A
well-designed trail here is easy to explore
and offers a cool respite from a hot summer
vacation. This is a favorite spot for
orienteering and camping in the northeast
United States. It's one of the easiest hikes
in the area and a favorite for kids and
Mountain stairway in
the Allegheny
National Forest at
Rimrock. Photo by
Chris Lareau,
Copyright 2005
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