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An Allegheny Almanac
Kinzua means Fishing
This is the location for the annual Pennsylvania State Fishing
Championship and the home of the state's record for Northern Pike and
Walleye. Everyone predicts a record-setting Muskie will be caught here

But  Kinzua has always been well known for the angling sport. Today a
series of fortunate, or unfortunate  events (depending on your point of
view), has preserved the area and enhanced sporting opportunities. In
the 1920s about 500,000 acres surrounding the area became the
Allegheny National Forest, removing sources of pollution. When the
Interstate Highway System was built in the 1950s,  Warren was
overlooked so the area remains remote and undeveloped.

In 1965 the Kinzua Dam was finished, making
Kinzua Lake, also known
as the Allegheny Reservoir,  the deepest inland body of water in
Pennsylvania. The oxygen rich tailwaters of the dam have added to the
fish population. This region is the largest block of natural land between
Chicago and New York. The only problem is that you can't get here from
there. And that's the way a lot of anglers like it. (continued on
next page)

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Kinzua Dam inside the Allegheny National Forest
Drive-in fishing. Lots of parking
right next to the fishing pier at the
Kinzua Dam where you can catch
trout standing right here. Take
Hemlock Road from Warren's east
side at the old
Allegheny Hotel.
Tailwaters of the Dam seen here
make for the best fishing anywhere.
This photo shows the pier under
construction a few years ago. It now
has substantial guide rails installed
and clean outdoor toilets making this
a popular destination for families and
the handicapped.
Trout, musky, walleye, northern pike.  Welcome to Kinzua. The
name itself means "fish." Depending on whom you talk to about the
translation of the Seneca name, it means "fish on a spear" or "waters
of  the big fish." Maybe the best is "Fish Up There" referring to the
appearance of fish on a spear in the original spear fishing which
occurred here. See some
really big fish here.

The Kinzua region got its name from the old Seneca town under the
present waters of the Allegheny Reservoir (Kinzua Lake). This is
where the Kinzua Dam got its name too. This is six miles east of  
Warren.  Across the water on the dam side you can launch a canoe or
boat at the
Big Bend Visitor's center.
Muskies                          Walleye

Northern Pike
Kinzua Fishing
Northern Pike, Warren County, Pennsylvania
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